Training that makes your software come alive…

So, you’ve purchased our software – what now?

Whether you’re a new starter, system administrator, departmental manager or an existing system user looking to fill the gaps, our experienced trainers will help.

We work closely with you to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from all our products. That’s why our customers see our training as a valuable investment.

100% of our training session attendees in 2017 rated their training as ‘Good’ or higher – and 84% rated their session as ‘Excellent’!

We understand that staff training can be costly, so to keep your expenditure down we offer onsite and online sessions for groups of up to six attendees. We also provide all necessary equipment, including laptops ready to go with a test copy of your own data to train on. The only thing you need to do is turn up!

With heaps of knowledge and a wee bit of fun, our trainers will deliver your session based entirely on what you need. There’s no one size fits all training from us, it’s all set around helping you get the best out of our software so that the benefits start straight away.

All attendees also receive a full set of handouts, including tips, tricks and step-by-step flows, for easy reference and recap after the session.

Following our training sessions, system users will be empowered with knowledge and have the ‘nuts and bolts’ under their belt to enjoy the benefits of utilising the best techniques to maximise our software to its full potential.

Our training courses

We offer a complete range of training sessions suitable for system users of all levels and experiences with your software.

Once you’ve chosen the session that’s right for you, simply enquire to get in touch with us. Our trainer will get in touch with you to find out more about your goals for your session and tailor the session agenda around your needs.

Online training (per hour)
For bite-sized training sessions, our online snippets are great for recapping on any key processes or guidance with operational changes, with minimal disruption to your workflow.
Induction training (1½ - 2 days, subject to app)
Perfectly tailored to equip new system users at all skill levels with the tools and knowledge required to get up and running swiftly in preparation for going live. Induction training is also great for new starters in your organisation.
Refresher training (per day)
An excellent follow up session for induction training attendees or an ideal booster for staff returning from absences or leave, a key opportunity to identify unexplored areas of the system and re-asses system usage following system updates or operational changes.
Advanced training (per day)
A fully customised programme designed to shape processes, build on existing knowledge and identify unexplored functionality and opportunities. Ideal for focusing on specific modules, custom reports, mail merge and advanced areas that are not covered with induction or refresher training to gain maximum system benefits in line with current workflows.

Need a completely bespoke session?

Regardless of your chosen course, we take care to mould all of our training sessions around your organisation’s and team’s needs and goals for the system. However, if you’re looking for something bespoke to your organisation or that’s not typically included on one of our courses, simply get in touch with us and our friendly system trainers will build a bespoke training agenda around you.

Ongoing support after your session

Like strawberries and cream or Tom & Jerry, each of our training sessions is designed to perfectly complement the ongoing software support we provide for all of our applications.

After your training session, all attendees will have unlimited access to all of our helpdesk lines during normal business hours for top-up information, advice and guidance on how to undertake specific system tasks, or for a quick reminder on the topics covered at the session – ensuring great return and ongoing value for your investment in training.

“The trainer was brilliant in our training session, very patient and approachable. She listened well to my needs and covered everything that was needed to improve my everyday job.”

Yana Humphreys, Seafronts Assets Officer, Tendring District Council

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“The training undertaken by MCPC was excellent and they have always been available immediately for any questions/queries.”

Sarah Miller, Contracts Manager, idverde Wycombe

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“The training and handouts were good back up to help us on our way to managing service improvement. MCPC have been forthcoming and readily available in offering advice along the way after the session.”

Katy Delaney, Senior Contract Officer, London Borough of Lewisham

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“We all feel that the session was well delivered and valuable to our needs.”

Julie Foye, Park Admin Officer, Bassetlaw District Council

“Absolutely brilliant. The training helped increase my confidence with the system.”

Gerald Pleace, Parks & Open Spaces Management Officer, Slough Borough Council

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“The help that I have received has been excellent.”

Nicola Ellis, Landscape Designer, Wrexham County Borough Council

“We have received all the support we need on a timely basis from friendly and helpful staff who are a pleasure to work with.”

Gerald Pleace, Parks & Open Spaces Management Officer, Slough Borough Council

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“We have been very pleased with the friendly and sufficient support given from the MCPC team and nothing is ever too much to ask. They will always go out of their way to help and come up with better concepts to make my job easier.”

Yana Humphreys, Seafronts Assets Officer, Tendring District Council

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“The team from MCPC have been very helpful and responsive when dealing with our requests for help and keen to work with us in helping to further improve their system”

Mark Farren, Neighbourhood Protection Manager, Durham County Council

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