Manage any asset or service, on any device, anywhere!

Orka asset managmentOrkastrate is the next generation asset management solution in the cloud. Capture unlimited, vital asset data in Orkastrate’s easily accessible, one-stop hub for your asset portfolio – whatever those assets may be.

Savvy search functions and filters enable instant, paperless access to your asset portfolio with essential visibility of your distinct asset groups and locations, making for sleek workflows and saving time and money from the get-go.

Monitor asset lifecycles and particulars with user-defined system attributes, giving you full control from any device, allowing collaborative workflows and operations from any location.

 Orkastrate is:

  • Fully accessible from any internet enabled device, work from home, the office or field.
  • Intuitive:   Whether you’re tech savvy or tech timid, you’ll love Orkastrate’s effortless nature and fluency.
  • Easy and cost-effective to manage: No need to rely on expensive IT resources or hardware with Orkastrate’s fully cloud hosted solution.
  • Unlimited and unrestricted: Build unlimited assets and asset groups to de-clutter your asset stock profiles to a streamlined inventory that suits your services.
  • GIS ready: Make the most of Orkastrate’s standard inbuilt mapping functions and integrate your database effortlessly with existing mapping servers.
  • Driven by best practice guidelines for security and user accountability: Keep it relevant and refined with the option to set up permissions, giving you full control of key staff operating your data in your organisation.

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Orkastrate’s cloud-based nature means that you can be up, running and reaping benefits in no time, but we can also offer on-premise hosting options for those looking to maintain Orkastrate in house. There are also reduced capital outlay costs and user-specific, scalable licensing access, not only will Orkastrate become your central go-to portal, you’ll never run the risk of paying for functionality you don’t need.

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