Secure, cost effective and hassle free data hosting

Do you want your team to focus their knowledge and efforts on building and improving your service  rather than maintaining your database hosting?

What if you had a backup team focused on database hosting, available to you, allowing you to concentrate effort on your key IT performance goals instead of keeping hardware up to date, managing downtime or ensuring backups are secure?

Working with MCPC’s hosting team, you can ease the burden on current and future resources whilst enabling staff to progress with identified IT service targets. The correct package can relieve you and your IT team from the time-consuming chores and challenges of data hosting and management. Our secure Microsoft Azure servers are working away all day every day so you don’t have to be.

Database hosting benefits for your service

Our range of Data Hosting solutions offers fantastic benefits for companies and organisations of all size. Switching to hosted solutions can instantly offer:

  • Peace of mind for the security and protection of your databases
  • Reduced costs for labour, maintenance and hardware requirements
  • Scalable solutions, offered at fixed annually prices – meaning no hidden charges waiting to catch you out!
  • Simplified and reliable disaster recovery planning
  • Faster access to application and database updates, from security patches to new enhancements, deployed directly by MCPC

Technical benefits of database hosting

We provide a range of cost-effective data hosting services on our Microsoft Azure servces to complement the size of your organisation and its budgets. But no matter which package you choose,all of our hosting options include:

  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime
  • The assurance of Azure’s compliance to the global ISO 27001 Standard – and so many other worldwide compliance standards
  • Hosting on secure servers UK based approved by the G-Cloud framework & UK Government
  • Mirrored hosting across two Azure datacentres on different sites, providing protection against physical data loss
  • Automatic backups – taken every 5-10 minutes
  • Expert support staff available from MCPC for the management your databases

Save yourself effort and headaches by speaking to our dedicated customer support team who can choose the solution to meet your needs.