All new Colony – a little preview…

Preview new Colony V6

We are super proud of our latest version of Colony, which is now fully web-based. So here at Colony HQ we thought its time we gave you a little preview…. and here it is… 🎥🎬

Our developers have been busy creating this latest version of Colony and we are excited to show you the results.  This new web-based version of Colony,  has undergone a complete make-over, giving it a brand new look and feel. With this in mind, we have decided to put together a series of short videos to show some simple processes that our Colony users regularly complete.

Today’s video shows how users can offer a plot to a new applicant from the waiting list, but don’t just take our word for it….Take a look..⬇

Colony Preview

Today’s short taster gives you a feel of how our all new web-based Colony works. This latest version of Colony is brimming with new features, such as dynamic reporting tools, email templates and our easy to use GDPR Toolkit with built-in Anonymisation tools, for simple compliance with customer data records and consent.

Colony’s proven features include tenancy, waiting list, invoices and enquiries management, alongside heaps of extension options. Colony also has APIs for integration with digital portals such as Firmstep and your website.

If you enjoyed today’s preview of Colony V6, and want to see more of what Colony has to offer then request a demo today! Our demos are arranged from the comfort of your own desk, with one of our Colony experts who will take you through the system, showing you all it has to offer along with some top tips for using Colony.

The next installment in our Colony preview will be out very soon. So watch this space for our next video, showcasing our all new ‘Home Monitoring Screen’.😲😲