MCPC & Memmori Joining Forces

We are SUPER excited about our latest collaboration with a local tech company

Here at MCPC Systems we are thrilled to be joining forces with an up and coming local tech company. We are embarking on a new and exciting joint venture together, looking to build strong foundations for the future. As MCPC systems is a well-established software house, dedicated to software development, and Memmori a new and unique digital service, it made perfect sense to join forces. So we are combining our expertise to work on an new and innovate project together…. as they say collaboration is the key to success!

Memmori – who they are and what they do

Memmori is a new and alternative digital memorial service, founded by Jim Duckett. Jim is a driving force in changing the way that we view and carry out the funeral and memorial process. His digital service, Memmori, looks to help provide solutions to some of the greatest issues facing funerals today, such as the environmental impact of burials and the shrinking availability for space.

In contrast to physical memorials, Memmori will allow users the opportunity to build their own digital legacy by creating personal journal entries, photos, videos and links to existing social media content. Memmori’s aim is to change the way we remember our loved ones, whilst raising awareness and educating users. Giving users the opportunity to take control over funerals, personalise their experience whilst also bringing costs down.

Local companies working together

Here at MCPC we value the ability to be able to work with local, like minded companies. We believe that working together is beneficial to our local communities, our own working processes, builds our knowledge and ultimately adds value to both customers bases.

MCPC are industry-leading software developers for asset managementleasable assets and allotments. Alongside this we also create bespoke software that helps keep businesses one step ahead. We build software for all types of businesses, charities and organisations, and our bespoke software means there’s no compromises – you get exactly what you need! Making us a perfect fit for collaboration, as flexibility is key.

So…watch this space to see how we are combining technologies and expertise, collaborating with a local tech company to create something super special.

Learn more about Memmori here