Our allotment management software is moving to the cloud!

It’s almost time for the launch of our cloud based allotment management software..

The wait is almost over, here at MCPC systems we are sooo excited that our very own Colony – the UK’s leading and most comprehensive allotment management software, is moving to the cloud to become a fully web-based application.

Our most popular and successful application can now be accessed using any internet enabled device from any location. Our new cloud based Colony will be fully hosted on our Microsoft Azure database servers, this means that there will be no installation requirements, no more updated versions, as system updates including enhancements, new features, bugs and patches, will be automatic and undertaken by us here at MCPC Systems.

We value our customers and listen their feedback in our user group enhancement forums. The feedback and recommendations from these groups, have been used to develop our new cloud based Colony, which will also Include new additional features such as the ability to email invoices, email merge templates, dynamic reporting tools and much more.

The change in the way Colony is accessed, used and hosted also means a change in the pricing structure. With a reduced initial outlay, the new cloud based Colony, could now be more affordable than you think. So, if you haven’t already had a quote, contact us today to find out how Colony can help you manage your allotments with style, simplicity and ease. 

Take a look at our cloud based allotment management software site…

Our developers are busy working on our new cloud based Colony and we will be launching on the 3rd December, however if you want a preview of the new site…. be our guest…