Saving your business from software rage

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What is ‘software rage’?

Software rage is a condition that’s often experienced by staff in all types of businesses. It most commonly results in mounds of excessive paperwork, spreadsheet workarounds, and sudden keyboard or mouse bashing. At its most severe, software rage can result in drastically lowered productivity, key business processes being missed, and staff charging into your office with a notice letter.

Who’s at risk of software rage?

Critically, software rage is not limited to occurring in staff of any particular role or responsibility, so it’s important that you regularly look out for potential cases of software rage across your business to prevent its emergence.

What causes software rage?

The critical risk factor in your staff developing software rage is their dependency on ineffective working processes caused by useless software systems – or equally, no software system at all.

Where you don’t have an appropriate software system in place, software rage is usually prefigured by ‘Spreadsheet Chaos’ and/or exhaustion from wading through the ‘Filing Cabinet Jungle’. Desks will often be groaning with piles of paper, and staff can commonly be heard saying ‘I’ll just have to check the spreadsheet to find out – but someone’s already got it open’.

Where you’ve already got some software in place, software rage can be caused by poor usability, a lack of important features, and the need for staff to – you guessed it – ‘export that data to a spreadsheet’ to get the info they need. You may have tried to get your staff to call the software supplier to help, but by now you’re used to hearing ‘they said it’s going to cost £[insert figure here] to fix’, or worse, ‘well I tried, but they never called me back!’

Symptoms of software rage

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your business, you’ve almost certainly got a case of software rage and you should seek help immediately:

  • staff tutting at the computer screen, rubbing their heads and/or frantically clicking every button available on the screen
  • key business opportunities being missed because it got ‘messed up’ in the system
  • tasks taking way longer than you would have thought necessary because the information, data or process wasn’t available to hand when you or your staff needed it
  • being unable to work out your key performance indicators because ‘the system’ couldn’t work it out for you
  • individual members of staff or whole teams developing ‘their own ways’ for doing things instead of using the software or system in place

Treating software rage

Software rage can be treated promptly and easily by firstly:

  • Asking any affected members of staff to step away from their computer, placing any dented keyboard or injured mouse at arm’s length, (so as to avoid any further damage)
  • Close down all 28 open spreadsheets
  • Inform Fred, Jo, Sally, Harry and Sam to also save and exit their shared spreadsheets
  • Then finally, and most importantly, call a quality software company with plenty of experience of treating software rage successfully

Here at MCPC Systems we are a dab hand a treating software rage, as we see it all the time. Our treatment usually starts with an in-depth look at your business processes and current systems to assess the causes of the problems you’re experiencing. We are able to build the plan for a fully bespoke solution that’s tailored to any business, processes and staff, which will vanquish software rage in any business once and for all and help you get ahead of the game for the future.