Introducing Aardvark – software to maximise your asset income

Aardvark is MCPC's newest product, letting you transform existing assets into cash generating opportunities

Aardvark: Maximise income from assets

The award winning team at MCPC are extremely proud to announce the release of Aardvark, our latest software. Aardvark has been developed to assist managers of multiple fixed asset types to manage and generate income in exciting new ways.


Aardvark will manage leasable/tenanted/income generating assets, including but not limited to the following:


  • Public sector memorial and sponsorship schemes, such as benches, trees, roundabouts and flowerbeds
  • Rolling space or ground rentals – from storage units to parking permits, serviced offices to caravan plots
  • Natural conservation and animal adoption schemes, ranging from bat boxes, to whole zoos or botanical garden sponsorship’s
  • Street trading stalls, concession stands, markets and kiosks
  • Housing and student accommodation allocations
  • Marinas and moorings facilities, licences and insurances
  • Advertising and marketing spaces, such as billboards and poster panels

Aardvark can manage leases, sponsorships, memorials, tenancies, adoptions and more!

Aardvark has customisable fields and functionality, with the power to adapt to manage an unrestricted variety of leases, sponsorship and tenancy types. It will allow you to streamline and make informed  decisions about all areas of your operations.

Aardvark’s inbuilt management reports allow you to keep on top of number crunching and KPIs with ease. With individual logins and permission groups for each of your users, your vital data will be held securely in one central and truly comprehensive location.

With all MCPC’s products you can take advantage of our experience and expertise, to ensure your operational goals are met. Our ongoing support is second to none and the partnerships we create are successfully enduring.

Tell Me More!

Learn more about Aardvark and how it can help you, follow this link to download a brochure or request a callback

The brochure contains information including: the benefits of use, functionality, how to get started, using your current data, hardware, software and IT framework requirements, training provision and the fantastic support you can expect to receive, to ensure the best of returns from it’s use.